Let Learning Be At Maxim

“Learning has no borders” nor can it be forced. Children during early phase have natural inclination and curiosity to explore things. They love to learn by doing things. For this, they require a dedicated guide who possesses reliable knowledge and a structured plan to guide them. Sending them to school can help them to tread on the least trodden path depending upon their abilities and competencies. To extend their learning beyond the classroom and to ensure their involvement we organize activity based leanings. Being counted under Top 10 School in Indore, we make all possible efforts to take over every novel teaching approach to make learning meaningful.

At Narayana, we imbibe latest and worthy educational practices to ensure holistic development in our children. Be it theme-based learning, experiential learning, activity-based learning, play way method or some other, we blend all to get the desired result. Pupils at this stage of primary level schooling are under constant development, and so this stage needs special care. From cognitive development to language acquisition, personality developments and motor skill development all require a well lead approach. This evolves the need for well-structured lesson plans and their implementation. Our qualified teachers are well versed with all this and are mindful to accomplish the whole developmental process with greater ease and desirable result.  

Our ideal teacher children proportion provides both of them the potential to understand each other and especially for the teacher to pay heed on the individual student. To nurture their creativity, we provide them with blank canvas i.e. life and allow them to paint it with desirable hues and make it a masterpiece to become artists of their life. Our trained faculty made a major contribution in shaping the lives of most of our students by endowing them with plenty of thriving opportunities.  

We aimed at making them curious to learn things by provoking them to ask the question, put queries and improve their reading ability. We want them to excel in spheres of art and craft, theater, music, dance, and other such fields. We have children corners to get their quality work acknowledged by all thus to boost confidence in them. Peer learning, group discussion, team activities and other such activities involving collaborative efforts can shape up their qualities like leadership, trust others, competition etc.

Our world-class infrastructure promotes learning. From science labs to activity labs, from sports ground to the library, we have all to boost their confidence and ensure their active indulgence in all kind of activities. The progress of our students and our school is apparent as we acquired a place to be counted under Top 10 Primary School in Indore. Enrich learning opportunities for your kids and be a part of Narayana.