Ladder to tread for an excellent future – Best Primary school in Indore

Kids are filled with sincerity, simplicity, and innocence and this is their real self. By the time they grow up, they are absorbed in milieu around them and forget their basic values. We, at Narayana E-Techno School, try to preserve the real self of children. Though we believe that academic reach is one of the most significant aspects of one’s life, but practical knowledge of being humane is as important as that.  To become the Best Primary school in Indore, we impel our children to first, become human and then scholars. We focus on holistic development as whatever learned at this early stage will last forever.

We as mentors, aim at providing our students with best of facilities and education to:

  1.    To acquaint them with the cultural facet of the country.
  2.    To enable them to develop self-esteem and positive attitude along with confidence.
  3.    To promote moral, social, creative, supportive, academic development with predefined standards.
  4.    To prepare them to achieve academic excellence by fostering reliable base.
  5.    To enable them to challenge the unlawful practices and to speak against them.

Children at this stage have a curious mind, we believe in fostering this curiosity and also satisfying it with an appropriate response. Backed up by the best faculty, state of the art infrastructure, advanced curriculum, we are leading with fortitude.

Moreover, we believe in developing a respectable alliance between parent-teacher to ensure consistency in child development from both the ends.

At the primary stage, we inculcate play way method, child-centered approach, intrinsic teaching, learning by doing and other such approaches where the child is the active participant and is guided by the teachers. The child’s brain is similar to the raw soil, which we can easily mold it in the shape we want to make it look beautiful inside out. Our conscientious and dedicated staff is well versed with child psychology and the latest teaching methods to nurture them with added creative. Apart from academic excellence, we promote co-curricular activities like art and craft, nature walk, Picnics, Games, Rangoli making, quizzes, seminars etc where learning is not forced but goes with the flow. From individual learning to collaboration, we engage them in all kind of activities to develop self-confidence, value towards each other, ability to consider other’s perspective and other such qualities. To testify to our children’s ability of unique thinking, we blend all academic, sports and extracurricular activities to endow with an impression of self-expression and confidence.

All this helped us to gain the accolade of Top Primary School in Indore, and to uphold this position of ours, we make all possible efforts. Children are the soul of our school and their healthy development is our responsibility.