Encourage curiosity, boost learning   

Students at this stage are flexible enough to learn and remember things; they are driven by curious instinct that helps them to tread on imaginative paths. If properly utilized, this pre-primary stage can lay a perfect foundation for tomorrow’s development. Our tech assisted classrooms and professional faculty helps in render kids the fruit of knowledge. This is what helped us to forge ourselves as the best pre-primary school in Indore. Rather than acquainting them with formal training, we formally conduct informal learning by giving them opportunities to learn on their own. We conduct multiple sessions including storytelling, dance classes and have a creative play area, smart classes, art and craft room where they can excel in any. With all this, we try to shape up their intellect, promote physical development and try to bring their latent qualities out.

Narayana is a school where children get to sense a home like pleasure, where we shun forced learning and let them tread on the path of natural learning. We nurture the young minds to give their life a meaning. Giving those colors and copy, we allow them to scribble their mind on it to bring out their original thoughts. Along with academics, we focus on fine arts, dance, music, dramatics, and indoor Outdoor Sports. We endorse a model of holistic development to set the pillars of their life, to cultivate their concern for humanity, love for nature and a global outlook.

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty is well versed with duties. They promote learning endorsed with love, care, support, to render comfort to the kids. They make all possible efforts to make all sessions rewarding and worth commencing. Our proficient teachers craftily blend learning methodologies to ensure the desired result.

What Makes Us the Best?

  •    Parental partnership at every stage of child development
  •    Overall grooming and holistic development of the student is our target
  •    Multicultural milieu, diverse community to spread cultural awareness
  •    Personalized learning and personality development programs     
  •    Interactive child based learning and well-structured curriculum

Moreover, we love to make kids feel special and ensure their participation by conducting, festivity celebrations, birthday celebrations, theme days, camps etc. We cherish the parent-teacher relationship that is a must for the healthy development of the child. As a well sought after Pre-primary School in Indore we are equipped with material which encourages practical skills. In our labs and classes, we home materials for motor development, fine motor development, Memory games & activities, I.Q. Puzzles; Language, Arithmetic, and Sensorial apparatus and lots more.

We are always aimed at delivering valuable lessons of life along with developing habits of initiation and persistence at an early stage. We equip our students with the knowledge and flair which would help them to thrive in a challenging and constantly evolving society.