Every Child Deserves the Best Start

Education plays an important part in the making of a person. From the very start, at pre-nursery and pre-primary stages, children are not taught to cram books instead their ability to imitate is utilized. Children are the best imitators and they learn things by it. While at the home, they imitate their parents and family members, when sent to school they imitate their teachers, peers and other people nearby. Thus, our trainers at Narayana create an environment where children learn by imitating, they learn good attributes, values, healthy habits, etc. Being the best Pre Nursery School in Indore, we find it obligatory to set an echelon for early education.

Adhering to various productive teaching methodologies, we believe that teaching can’t be imposed but supplied. Our teachers are not instructors but guides who strive for opportunities to instill discipline, consistency, cooperation, responsibility, and tolerance in kids. We encourage our children to live their dreams. At this stage, Children can be taught either to work hard or to live by destiny and once they learn to depend upon hard work, this will become their best attribute and will remain with them lifelong.  In a world, where humanity is losing its value, we aim at nurturing our kids first as humans and second as scholars.

Various aspects of development at Early Stage-

  •    Communication, Literacy, and Language – Kids are more or less acquainted with their mother tongues, if not expressions they have the ability to comprehend. We use mother tongue to get them acquainted with the second language.  We organize activities like storytelling, Circle Time, value towards mother tongue and second language, reciting rhymes, singing sessions, action games, story presentation using puppet, flashcards, etc.
  •    Creative Development – To provoke their creative instincts, we organize art and craft sessions including painting, sketching using charcoal, and pencils, storytelling, crafting things using sticks, or using used material, paying theater visits, drama, music, and movement, role-play, etc.
  •    Physical Development- We equip various support supplies that promote child’s development. We home sports equipment of varied size and functioning to ensure both fine and gross motor skill development. We use props to promote physical development, morning simple exercises, yoga sessions etc.
  •    Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Realizing cultural integrity, individual celebration, to value background and to enable them to express all the feelings of love, care, anger, compassion; birthday celebrations etc. we conduct opportunities which promote team games, grouping, coupling, tripling so that they can relate with their peers and strengthen their bonds.
  •    Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy- Teaching them the concept of measurement like shape, size, to the difference between colors, features, and patterns, comparison, using equipment like an abacus, etc.
  •    Knowledge and Understanding of the World- Garden exploration, monthly recreational activities, museum visits, yoga,  crafting things using natural resources like sand, celebrating festivities while assuring their active participation, etc.

Knowing the fact that the first five years are the most beneficial years as child undergoes maximum development during this stage, we make all possible efforts to make the best out of it. All this help us to be known as best Nursery School in Indore.