Play School for Curious and Smart kids

Play schools are taken as initiating step for formal education where kids are taught to wander out of the home environment and to experience the novelty of the outside world. Though no formal training is introduced at this stage, the focus is laid on the development of the child’s gross and fine motor skills. They are taught to coordinate and are accustomed to attaining concentration using sensorial experience. We create a stimulating environment and opportunities for our kids which provoke their creative insight to comprehend the world around them. For this, we are regarded as Best Play School in Indore, and we rejoice our position and work hard to be on it.

Our Approach For Play Way Kids – At this stage, we introduce learning by doing and play way approach, where we lay stress on allowing them to perform activities on their own with least interference of teachers. We allow them to explore the real world surrounding them for this our school is facilitated with best of the amenities. Our kids are exposed to a variety of experience both in individual and group setting. We promote their activities based on free play, art, and music, story time, reciting rhymes, puppet play, pretended play and other such activity to maintain their interest and to keep them engaged. Our kids are not forced to learn as we believe that at this stage students learn when they want to learn. We provide them age-appropriate, adaptive and balanced approach so as to bring them to comfort into them.

Concepts that are introduced to Play Way Kids -To introduce them with good qualities of a human, we tell those stories which deliver quality moral lessons. We introduce them to the concept of identifying Letters. Storytelling strengthens their linguistic tour and develops their listening skills. We allow them chances to bring their creativity out by asking them to complete incomplete words. To improve their reading habits, we ask them to read words from their colorful course books. Though writing is not a part of the development at this stage, we prepare our students to hold pencils and to draw lines, shape, and figures. We focus on teaching them about how to think rather then what to think. To develop mathematical abilities we teach them Counting, as it is the basic concept. We introduce this by a variety of methods using an abacus or counting kids for attendance by coming forth. This not only boosts their confidence but also strengthen their learning. Moreover, we teach them to recognize colors, to know the names of foods, animal names, and sounds, to know simple shapes, identify their accessories, etc

For valuable concepts, we introduce them with concepts like sharing is caring, compassion towards others etc. Our teachers are polite and tolerant enough to deal with kids with love and care. These values are reflected by children demeanor at a later stage. All this helps us to be counted as the best Play School in Indore.