Preparing Students to Face Challenges of the Era

Environment plays an important role in promoting child’s development and in facilitating learning. While realizing the individual difference, we believe that all the kids have something in common, i.e., their curiosity and spirit to learn. The matter to be learned might differ, like some students may feel inclined towards subject matters while others may prefer art and craft, but all of them have a natural inclination towards something.  Utilizing this potential, we try to bring out their latencies and to make them resilient and confident to empower their interest. This helps us to crown the list top schools in Indore and to cultivate scholars from every batch. To foster their skills and to bring the best out of them, our trained and supportive faculty crafts productive opportunities. Our dynamic faculty lays the foundation of reliable teacher-parent relationship and so it backed child’s development to produce the best outcome.  

We teach our students to be strong and independent and all this is done on the foundation of love and care. We treat our kids not for only present but for the future by enabling them to confront difficulties. We instill in them qualities like problem-solving capacity, and critical thinking so that they can help themselves at the hour of need.

To deal with children of different thinking and comprehending ability, the instructors should have a deep understanding of all the stages of development from infancy to the middle to adults. Our well-trained staff understands these developmental stages and individual difference and prepares teaching plans based on this.

From formal instructions to informal activities, we use all to facilitate learning.  We focus on the holistic development of our children which includes a child’s creative growth along with social, physical, cognitive and emotional development. All the classes from pre-primary to 12th are equally valued and are provided with the opportunities of explorations, sports, visiting special places like monuments, museums, etc to acquaint them with cultural diversity.

Hybrid Teaching Methodologies – Rather than narrowing our venture to academics, we prepare our students to face real-time challenges to the 21st century.  For this, we promote practical learning along with granting theoretical and conceptual knowledge. Our teachers use various teaching methodologies which can facilitate learning.

This includes activity-based approach, play way method, leaning by doing, Visualization, technology integration, and active learning which involves collaborative problem solving, group discussion, peer instruction. Depending on the level of students, these approaches are used either individually or in an integrated manner to make classroom interactive. Our teachers are not only teachers but Demonstrator, Delegator, Facilitator who use hybrid teaching styles to keep children engaged. Our farfetched approach supported us to be counted under the top schools in Indore.