Correlating National and International Horizons to Prepare Scholars

At Narayana, students are treated as the soul of school which makes our school student-centered. We aim at fusing dynamic framework and teaching approach which lead to the holistic development of our children. Our students proceed through the adaptive curriculum to discover new levels of success, to meet their core self and to magnify their understanding. Other then academic excellence, we encourage value-based learning which promote their understanding of universal ethics and values. This helps us to maintain our accolade as the best international school in Indore.

Basic Human Skills-

We aim at nurturing leadership quality, ingenuity, and discipline at an early stage, to ensure reliable personality development. Our well trained and prompt faculty watches over all-round development from the very beginning of schooling years so that students can focus on academic excellence during peak years.

Career as the Target-Early years is the base but former years of education set the way for students to develop their career to lead for a satisfactory life. Keeping this in mind, we prepare our students with Entrepreneurship & Leadership skills and teach them to differentiate between life skills, vocational skills, and career approach.

Structured curriculum– Keeping the developmental pace of the world in mind, we promote structural integrity in the curriculum. With this, we want to render our students a-well-to-tread-on path to achieve novelty in thoughts and actions. At an early stage we use visualization technique to render life to dull academic concepts with visual and practical learning experiences. Activity and Project Based Learning at middle stage help them to gain conceptual knowledge and to apply them in real life scenario. High school and senior secondary curriculum facilitate them to achieve career readiness.

Well-lead approach– We aim at building in them the ability to think critically, decision making quality, interactive skills, and boost self-confidence by promoting corporative learning.   We provide them with the opportunities to express themselves and to inquire to boost inquisitive nature. By bringing technology into classrooms, we ensure their active engagement. We prepare worksheets and other assessment projects depending on their skills and ability and are in constant approach to lead it wisely without any bias. We do it all by adhering to approaches that are suitable as per 21st-century requirements and are progressive and flexible. Our efficient and corporative teaching staff pays individual attention to every child to target their individuality and to bring the best out of them. We promote positive thinking and motivate our kids to be achievers and to lead a life with a certain objective to make them valuable citizen for society and country.

We promote internationalism by being recognized as CBSE affiliated school. CBSE is a compact and concentric curriculum that has spread its arms wide all across the world. Thus, we are proud to be regarded as an inspiring international school in Indore.