Best High School in Indore

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier.

During and after high school, students are not actually learners but deciders; they are to decide the flow of their life. Students at this stage are well developed with their intellectual ability yet they need a guide, a mentor, a teacher who can save them from going astray. Being the Best High School in Indore, we aim at delivering the best of knowledge. Our proficient faculty helps the students to tread on the path of success step by step. We infill them with enthusiasm and confidence to withstand failures and life and to convert them into their biggest win.

All high school batches at Narayana performed really well in both academic and extracurricular activities. Our deeply committed staff directs all with latest and well-sorted curriculum and integrated approach. All the concepts in high school are integrated, and can’t be taught in isolation, so we prepare them in such a way to make it fundamentally comprehensible. Dynamic exercises, novel teaching approach, active participation is all that helps our teachers to be efficient. We provide them with the wealth of opportunities and experience to activate their critical thinking and decision making abilities. We provide them with leadership-oriented and value-driven lectures and programs in which they can participate to become a global citizen and lifelong learners. We aim at strengthening subject knowledge, personal competencies, and conceptual skills to groom them thoroughly.

Infrastructure- Indore branch of Narayana equip all modern amenities to make teaching learning effective and interesting.

  •    Chemistry, Biology and a Hi-Tech Physics laboratory will help high school students to maintain a strong grasp on practical knowledge of the subject matter.
  •    We have well-equipped computer labs to empower digital learning along with this we have projectors, smart boards, and audience system to let interaction go smoother.
  •    To bring forward their cultural and literary talents, we organized events regularly in our well operational auditorium.  
  •    To groom our students with etiquettes, we run personality development programs.
  •    To promote understanding of language, we have recorders and individual headphones
  •   The library is a treasure of our school which occupies a wide range of book of all kind, fiction, non-fiction. Our hi-tech library has internet connectivity and audio-visual assistance to make interaction worthwhile.
  •    To cultivate their interest in sports, we home grounds for multiple sports where sports are held timely under the supervision of expert trainers.  
  •    We provide them Career Oriented Coaching and also conduct Olympiads to judge their competencies and suggest the right track to take them forward.

All this helped us to retain your position as best High School in Indore– A paramount for academic and non-academic learning.