Elementary Activities That Kids Learn In Primary Schools

Elementary Activities That Kids Learn In Primary Schools

A school plays a very important role in children’s life. They usually learn the basic life skills through the elementary activities which are conducted in the school. By participating in these activities, the kids gain knowledge. As they participate and solve the problems which are given to them they discover new solutions. Moreover, they also attain experience in that process.

The elementary activities which are conducted for the kids at the primary level of their schooling help in the articulation of fresh knowledge. Thereby, teachers also understand the capacity of the student in the field of learning. The activities act as an open field of opportunities for the students where they can apply their own logic and concepts and get their learning experience more enriched.

Some of the most common elementary level activities which are conducted in most of the primary school in Indore include:

Tickets of Entry and Exit:

Well, these entry and exit tickets are a kind of short prompt which provides the instructor with a quick report regarding the student. The ticket system involves taking feedback from the student on a 3”x5” card or a piece of paper. Entry ticket feedbacks are taken on the topics like taught in the class, the background knowledge to the lesson, etc. On the other hand, the exit tickets are used for the collection of feedback on the topics like what the student understood after the day’s class or a reflection of the lesson. A few international schools in Indore uses this method to understand the teaching quality of their teachers too.

The process of tickets actually helps in making the students more attentive so that they keep the information related to the class, integrated inside their brainbox. It brings in ten element participation, focus, clarification and above all the compatible relationship between the teacher and the student.

The Ice- Breaker Game

Well, this is considered as a low stake activity in which the students usually interact with each other and helps in bringing in the element of smooth classroom interaction. This is a basic routine where each of the students is asked to introduce themselves. There are several benefits of this activity which includes individual participation of the students, inculcating the sense of thriving in the same community with different dreams and above all making them more focused.

Think In Pair And Then Share

In this activity, the students are first asked to choose their friends and form a pair. Next, they are given a question which they are required to discuss with each other and finally share their views together in front of the entire class. This activity helps the students to be more good with decision making and critically analyzing the different questions in life. Apart from that, the group discussion also teaches the student to work efficiently in teams.

These were a few basic activities which are commonly practiced at primary schools so that the children learn all the important values. They ardently receive education on problem-solving, decision making, leadership, cooperating, etc., from an elementary level.

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