Preparing the Achievers of Tomorrow – Philosophy and Academics

Student’s passion and quality of education produce achievers. At Narayana, we provide a secure and organized milieu to our students where they could witness their goals and direction of life.  We are a school where children get the “Basic Education”, i.e., Physical, Intellectual and Religious, as coined by Gandhi Ji. Along with this, we lay focus on the holistic development of the child to assure a healthy future. With all this, we earned an accolade of being Best CBSE School in Indore. We don’t impart knowledge only; we impart lessons to make life meaningful and let our kids fly with their wings of imagination.

Intellectual developments outdo all– Our well-structured curriculum, infrastructure & other amenities, teaching including moral & social values, extra-curricular activities, active participation in sports, individual attention, competent faculty, all this reckoned us to be regarded as the best school in the area. We rejoice our position and aim at constructing an unbeatable trust and result in forthcoming years. Unbiased concern and ardour for achievements activate the positivity in school surrounding.  We verge on the philosophy of learning by doing where feelings of contentment, compassion, and fellowship are guiding principles. From character building to cultivating social, spiritual, moral, and intellectual behavior is what we look for. With our novel approach, we incorporate the spirit of discipline, sense of responsibility, tolerance, and co-operation in our students and try to activate basic human instincts. We teach them lessons for life to make them a strong individual, a valuable citizen, a worthy member of society.

Academic Excellence – From initial pre-primary to final senior secondary, learning is constant. We facilitate consistency in our teaching-learning program, so as to utilize it to the fullest. We set our students on a journey of ever improvement where they excel in a scholastic, theoretical, and practical knowledge.

Acquisition of Skills -We deem acquisition of skills as the core of the general curriculum. We provide them with opportunities to acquaint with cultural politics, social and economic reality of the country. From sports to quizzes, Olympiads, and festivities, we foster hostility development along its competitive spirit. Our well-devised approach to curriculum is a perfect blend of personal enrichment programs and modern educational techniques. Involvement of students in festivities and sports program bring them closer to their cultural understanding.  

We promote healthy teacher parental partnership so as to facilitate child development and to make parents an active viewer of their child’s developmental phase. Moreover, parent-teacher meetings strengthen their bond which makes it easy for teachers to understand the child’s background and act accordingly.

Gradually, under the dynamic leadership and members, we lead our momentous journey to become the most preferable CBSE School in Indore. For us, our students are the door way to success.