Unleash Latencies And Be Your Own Masters.

Every advancement and breach teaches us something. It depends on our ability to learn from it and to polish ourselves. Today, conceptual and subjective knowledge is not enough; one should be wise enough to think critically to make decisions. The earlier children identify their attributes, the more time they get to work on them and to excel. Our team of Narayana constantly strives to let our children get acquainted with their latencies at earliest. This makes us the Best school in Indore. We encourage our students to think out of the box, to work on their thoughts, to craft imaginatively, to work with passion and to achieve the best. Our highly trained faculty goes the extra mile to make headway. The proficient approach to their subject and their flexibility in teaching help students to walk on untraversed paths. From academics to extracurricular, they guide students thoroughly without any bias.

Blending Teaching Methodologies– We have unique study program for all levels, as each level of development is significant and should be treated with care. Rather than adhering to one, we blend multiple teaching methodologies to bring flexibility in teaching and learning program. We undergo constant evaluation of our strategies so as to keep updating as per the time frame.

Collaborated Efforts– Besides promoting individual development we deem socialization of child as an important factor. For this, we endow them with the opportunities for discovery and exploration, group project work, discussions, teamwork and other activities which involve collaboration. This not only helps them to present their perspective or lead something but also empowers them to value others views. It brings confidence, quality of sharing ideas, adaptability, and fosters creativity and learning.

Application Of Learning -Learning is incomplete without gaining the ability to apply it in a real-life scenario. Our well-equipped infrastructure has labs to bring learning into the application, play area to nurture their competitive spirit and all such amenities to boost creative instinct in children.  Our Students have access to Library and Laboratory resources to intensify their learning by gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge.

At the start of career based phase i.e. after high school, we offer three main academic streams Science (Computers/ Bio/Eco), Commerce and Art with multiple combinations so as to pursue their desired subjects. At this level, we also organize counseling session and impart result oriented training to let them set goals of life.

We aim at building a school where self-discovery is the main ingredient of life’s success recipe. Our school is a place where students are not forced to learn but are prepared for it, where parents play an active role in the development of their children. Being one of the most sought after school in Indore, we want to nurture experts and creative minds who can lead their life uniquely.