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EKidz – A unit of the NARAYANA group of the schools, India provide supreme level of the quality education system on the part of the Pre- Primary.


Primary education is considered as the foremost stage of formal schooling and in this state, children are brought up with the all basic studies.


Master of the education, Asia largest education institution is promoting to brings out a number of the professional students.


Promoted under the tutelage of Narayana group of Schools, Narayana Indore is our latest foundation. Having rejoiced more than three decades and provided education to 400,000+ students, we are one of the fastest spreading school chains. Our well-equipped sprawling campus lies incompetent and meticulous hands and is filled with a positive aura. Since our inception, we try to deliver unbiased practical knowledge to the future generation to bring the best out of them. After ceaseless strivings of achieving something high, we are now accoladed as one of the best schools all over India.

Apart from this, we are poised as dynamic educations institute with 25 professional colleges, 200 schools, 400 junior colleges, and 40,000+ faculties and multiple impressive campuses.

We impart quality education for academic excellence and ensure students inclination towards extracurricular activities to preserve the best of tradition and culture values in them. Offering plethora of infrastructural facilities, we spur holistic development of our students. From digital classrooms with smart boards to CCTV coverage and, public announcement system, we ensure the fastest transmission of information, transparency and 100% safety of each child. We also provide live CCTV coverage to parents of kids who are in primary wings.

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Our trained staff relies upon student-centered ethos to hone innate capabilities using a productive approach. We endow them with real-time learning and well-designed curriculum that avails scientific and creative insight. Moreover, believing in learning by doing, we empower our students to tread upon least trodden paths to discover novelty while being guided by our proficient faculty. Our teachers are not only teachers they are mentors, coaches, facilitators and motherly figures that treat children with love and dedication. We aimed at bestowing the best possible lifelong learning to students so as to make them a beneficial citizen. Our dynamic educational philosophy and perception towards technologically driven world help us to design unrivaled teaching methodology that can mark an excellent blend between the two. Our proportionate curriculum is a distinctive fusion of personal enrichment programs and the latest educational modus operandi.

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